LCHS Driver Clearance Form

• I understand that my personal insurance is primary coverage for all accidents and injuries incurred when I drive my vehicle or my vehicle is used.
• I understand the school’s insurance does not cover my vehicle or me, only the students on a required field trip or students participating in official after school activities such as athletics. I understand that any other children of parent drivers are not covered by the school’s insurance; they are only covered by the driver’s insurance.
• By law the number of children in the vehicle should total no more than eight passengers including the driver; however each child must have a seat belt, which means some vehicles would carry less than eight passengers. SEAT BELTS MUST BE USED.
• I understand that there is no payment for my services as a driver for after school activities. INSTRUCTIONS TO DRIVERS FOR TRANSPORATION FOR LCHS FIELD TRIPS, ATHELTIC EVENTS, AND OTHER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES

Please read the following instructions for parents and students who use their cars or other vehicles to transport other students on field trips and/or to and from athletic events and other school activities.
1. You must have a current driver’s license.
2. Check the safety of the vehicle: tires, brakes, lights, horn, suspension, etc. A safety check of the type conducted by the California Highway Patrol is recommended. Also, School Safety Division of the San Diego Police Department can be of assistance.
3. Check the adequacy of your liability insurance. You are liable in the event of illness, accident, injury or death resulting from such use of your vehicle. California law states, “all persons making any field trip or excursion shall be deemed to have waived all claims against the district (its employees) or the State of California for injury, accident, illness, or death occurring during or by reason of the field trip or excursion.” (CA Education Code Section 35330)
4. Carry only the number of passengers for which your vehicle was designed. The number of occupants in a sedan, passenger vehicle, station wagon, or van, including the driver, many not exceed eight (CA Ed. Code Section 39830). Each passenger is required to wear a safety belt. No more than three passengers may ride in the front seat of any vehicle.
5. The number of occupants in a pick up or motor truck many not exceed more persons than seat belts. Students are expressly forbidden to ride in a cargo area of pick ups or motor trucks whether or not these areas are enclosed by camper shells or other protective coverings (CA Ed. Code Section 39830).
6. If appropriate, travel caravan style if more than one vehicle is used for a trip.
7. Preschool and school age children must be restrained in the rear seat using proper restraints (car seat if applicable). Front passengers should be back as far as possible from passenger air bags to avoid injury or death.

Please Enter your details below:

A copy of a driver’s license and insurance declaration page must be submitted with this form before being allowed to drive.

I have read the above instructions for drivers and agree to abide by them while transporting students on Literacy First Charter School approved field trips, athletic events, or other school activities.